Preparing for a New School Year in Quarantine

Hello everyone, and welcome or welcome back to Hope Springs Journal! I’m so sorry for not posting anything in a while. There really wasn’t much inspiration and with everything pretty much going back to quarantine after we thought it was getting a little better, it was easy to forget things because my head was so full with everything going on. So, please, feel free to help me out and suggest some content you would like to see in the comments below if you want. It would be very helpful to me. 

So, since I’m heading back to school soon, this would be the time for me to head to YouTube to watch videos like back to school preparation and supply hauls to get motivated. Only problem with that is that there are not as many of those this year. Why? Because most of us are doing distance learning online!!

I’ve been searching for videos telling me how to prepare for an online fall semester, but there are not very many at all! The school I went to last year was so prepared for something like this to happen. We already had our own Google accounts set up and knew how to work a computer. But now, I am going to a completely different school and have no idea what to expect. But there are a few things I learned this past year that I think might help to guide both myself and all of you. Let’s get right into it!

Make Sure You Have A Special Place for Your Studies

This is the most important step in preparing for a distance learning environment. You all will probably be working from home, so you don’t want to have the stress of your studies in your bedroom where you sleep or the living room where you relax and so on and so on. You should set up a special place for you to work. Whether that place be a personal office, the guest bedroom, or even in the corner of the dining room it is important to have a space that is associated with school and only school just like it would be if it were onsite learning. 

Special Work Place

I am using my brother’s bedroom since he is off at college. I have a desk and some storage drawers set up in front of the window. It will be a nice airy space away from all distractions where I can focus on my work. 

Set Goals

Even if we weren’t learning online or even if we weren’t talking about school at all, it is always a good idea to set a few goals for a new beginning such as a new school year. What I like to do is come up with three main goals and write them down. Once you’ve done that, brainstorm ways of reaching those goals and create either a timeline or steps you must take in order to reach this goal. 

Here are some examples:

school year goals
school year goals
school year goals

Get In Your Work Zone

What I mean by this is, do whatever you need to do to feel motivated and ready for the new school year. If that means watching back to school YouTube videos (that’s what I do), then so be it. Another thing I like to do is write myself little affirmation post-it notes and put them up where I’ll see them when I’m working. 

back to school YouTube video
sticky note affirmation

Take Advantage of Free Resources

There are so many resources out there for students to use and many of them are even free! Things like Khan Academy or Duolingo can help you review previous material and prepare you academically for the new year. Other resources such as Google will help you during the year to easily send emails, write essays, create slide presentations, and so much more. 

Creating a Google account has proven to be extra helpful to me because I can create multiple separate accounts and have a separate browser and file storage space for all of them. For example, I have this blog, my personal stuff, and my school accounts all as separate Google accounts. So, when I need to work on something for school I am not distracted by all the personal or blog ads and notifications. 

Build New Habits

In order to get back into the school vibes, you have to change your habits. For example, you can’t sleep in till 10am and expect school to have waited for you. You need to be able to get up earlier and adapt to a new routine. I just watched a YouTube video this morning by Ellen Kelley on tips for creating successful habits. She was also kind enough to create a FREE PRINTABLE to help us build new habits. I tried it out, and it has been so helpful. You can find this printable in the description of her video “7 Small Habits That Changed my Life as a Student | Increase your productivity x 10.” Go try it out!

Now, You Are Ready to Go Back to School and Take On This Year’s Challenges

Thank you so much for reading all of this if you’ve gotten this far. I really hope you enjoyed it and have taken something from this. See you next time!

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