Think You Know Your Signature Style? Take this Quiz to Find Out!

Hey, everyone! I’m back! After a few long, busy weeks, I am back with so many new ideas for you guys! To all of you who have stuck with me and supported me even on my break, thank you so much.

Today, I wanted to spread some confidence in all of you. And what better way to be confident in yourself than through your wardrobe! I know as a teen girl in 2020, that it can be very hard to find your signature style of clothing. You find something you really like in the store, and think Do I really like this? Or am I just following some social media trend? With all the fashion trends out there right now from crop tops to mom jeans and things my parents wore in the 80’s, I find it very confusing to find what I really like.

Here’s where my quiz comes in! I’ve done some research on different types of fashion styles, which I have selected a handful of common ones to put into a quiz. In this quiz, I will ask you various questions that will result in a certain style. Disclaimer: just because the quiz may give you a certain style, doesn’t mean you can’t wear any other style. You do you and radiate beauty through kindness regardless of your outfit.

Link to Quiz:

Thank you for taking my quiz! I hope you love taking them as much as I love making them. Like I said earlier, I have many new ideas for Hope Springs Journal moving forward. So, please, if you can, it would mean so much to me for you to share Hope Springs Journal with your friends and family and follow me on social media @hope.springs.journal. Comment below or email me for content requests, business inquiries, and anything you think will make Hope Springs Journal even better! See you next time!

1 thought on “Think You Know Your Signature Style? Take this Quiz to Find Out!”

  1. Awesome quiz! I got Vintage, which is basically my style anyway hehe. I have two leather jackets and heaven knows how many pairs of jeans! I’m 31, but I think it was a style I adopted from my Dad because he was a dance teacher before I was born and he used to teach the moves to Grease and Night Fever. If it was cool enough for my Dad then the look was cool enough for me 🙂


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