15 Journal Prompts for Self-Growth

Hello everyone, I’m back! I know this is supposed to be Fashion Friday, but I thought that with everything that’s going on we could use some journaling to help us all cope. So, I’ve gathered up a list of my favorite journal prompts for self-growth.

  1. How can I treat myself better today?
  2. One thing I need to improve upon is…
  3. What can I do today to help others?
  4. These are the problems I am dealing with and this is how I’m going to solve them…
  5. How can I be better organized and prepared for the future?
  6. When my plans don’t go right this is what I can do…
  7. Today’s going to be a great day because…
  8. This is a goal I have and these are the steps to getting there…
  9. This went wrong and this is how I’m going to do it differently next time…
  10. How do I react when things don’t go right? How can I improve?
  11. Who am I?
  12. How can I learn to ask for help?
  13. These are things I have to look forward to…
  14. Things I am proud of…
  15. My favorite thing about me is…and how can I embrace it and share it with others?

Use this tough time to improve yourself, your mindset, and your life. These journal prompts are just ideas. If you like them, feel free to use them and share them with others. My overall goal is that this might be able help one person. If it helps more than one, that is great, but if it only helps one find his or herself and improve their lives then I am more than happy.

I am coming up with a new and improved schedule soon, so make sure you have email notifications on so you can be the first to read and like my every post. Thank you so much for all your support. Come back tomorrow for Self-Care Saturday!

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